Sunday, 27 August 2017

All You Need To Know About Home Care For The Elderly

Time comes when the elderly in our families need special attention and care whether temporarily or on a long term basis. This may come as a challenge for many families especially with many members working full time or in school. The nature of the care you give may also be quite technical; the kind you would want trained professional care givers to give. If this is the kind of situation you are in, you need a comprehensive range of quality services offered by a team of nurses, physiotherapists, doctors and trained givers. All this is delivered right at the privacy and comfort of your home.
In the home care industry, it goes without saying that all service providers are not cut from the same cloth. Not every homecare giver will give you what you need to enjoy the sought after peace of mind when you need your elderly loved ones taken care of. You need a first among equals.

There are various services that home care givers offer. These include; 

1.Home personal care services 
You need a trained care associate to assist your elderly loved one in various activities that they may need to undertake including;

- Recreational activities and companionship
- Shopping
- Escort to medical facilities
- Personal hygiene activities like bed baths, showers and house keeping
- Activities to stimulate the mind especially for the elderly with dementia

2.Home Nursing services 
You will get a nurse that will assist your loved ones in more technical activities like;
- Administration of medicine
- Changing of tubes like the urinary catheter and feeding tubes
- Reconciliation and packing of medicine
- Removal of dressings, staples and stitches
- Nursing services

3.Home Therapy services 
The elderly need therapy services administered to them for different reasons. It is therefore important that you get a therapist specialized for the need that the care recipient needs. You may either need to get a physiotherapist, a speech therapist or an occupational therapist assigned to your loved one who need rehabilitation in the physical sense. Such care givers offer services which include;

- Continuous assessment of the patient’s rehabilitation needs.
- Development of the rehabilitation plans
- Tailored exercises that will help improve the undertaking of daily activities like bathing, dressing, feeding, toileting and grooming.
- Advice and training on the use of aids such as crutches, wheelchairs and frames
- Assessment on how safe the home is and recommendations on the necessary modifications to make the home safer.
- Exercises that are aimed at improving articulation for patients that have speech challenges and difficulties in swallowing.

4.Home medical consultation 
You can have a medical doctor or a chiropractor visit your home to offer medial attention to your loved ones. This way you get specialize medical check-up or consultation services to better deal with illnesses.

5.Interim caregiver services 
Patients that have just been discharged in the recent past need short term care giver services at home to help in the recovery process. This requires dedicated trained care givers while awaiting any other arrangements that you may have for the long term. Interim caregiver services are best offered by medical social workers or discharge nurses at public hospitals.

Choosing the best care givers

It is not quite easy choosing the right caregiver especially if you don’t know what to look for. You need to ensure that your loved ones have the best care from people you can trust. Here are some tips to help you in choosing the best home care givers for your elderly loved ones.

Caregivers training

It is important that you consider whether the caregiver that will be assigned to your loved one is trained. Practical skills and knowledge is very important if your loved ones are to get quality care. The following makes for comprehensive caregiver training;

- Skills on communication with seniors
- An understanding of the ageing process
- Hygiene, safety and infection control
- Prevention of falls and accidents
- Personal hygiene and grooming
- House keeping

Background check 
It is important to ensure that the assigned caregivers have gone through a thorough background check to establish their criminal record. You don’t want anybody with a criminal record taking care of your loved ones or anywhere around your house.

Screening for diseases 
It is important that caregivers undergo screening for diseases like tuberculosis, HIV and such other contagious diseases. This is because caregivers and the recipients have a lot of contact with each other and come to close proximity. You need to ensure that your loved ones will not be exposed to any kind of risk.

Licensing and legal obligations 
Every caregiver organization is required to have licenses to operate in Singapore. It is important to ensure that the organization has done its due diligence in registration and that it has legal licensing from the government. You need to physically visit the premises of the caregiver establishment to verify whether they have done their legal obligations.

Variety of services 
As is with any service, it is much more convenient to get all the services that you may possibly need under one roof. This is to ensure that the caregiver service provider has multiple services and is affiliated to a reputable hospital or a variety of other medical service providers. This way, you get consistency in the quality of service and a better price package for the services that will be provided.
Outsourcing service from different providers my bring conflict of interest and undermine the quality of care that your loved one will ultimately receive.

Take away 
Aged people are quite sensitive and even more vulnerable. You need to ensure that they get the best care that you can afford. It is important to help the elderly experience full life with dignity and at the comfort of their home. While caregiving is important, it is necessary to ensure that these individuals still maintain the highest possible level of independent living. The family of the individual receiving care is always encouraged to keep as close contact as is possible. Caregivers should not be a reason for the family to abandon the elderly; it in fact should make it easier for the family bond to become even thicker.