Friday, 24 August 2018

How To Choose The Right Full Time Maid For Elderly

Hiring a maid is one of the most controversial topics today. There has been a rise in the number of cases where maids mistreat the family members especially the children or the elderly. It is for this reason that today people are very keen when looking for maids to take care of their elderly family members.

Choosing the right full time maid for the elderly

Besides children, elderly people also need to have maids. This is because they always have experience a lot of difficulties doing simple chores like cooking, cleaning and even washing clothes. While some people take their parents to elderly homes, some people choose to hire maids for their parents. This way, the parents are able to enjoy the comfort of their own home and privacy. When you are choosing a maid for the elderly, it is important to consider a few things.
The guide below gives you some of the tips to look out for when you are hiring a maid for the elderly:

1. Is the maid from an agency?
This is a very important tip to consider today. Due to the rise in cases of abuse and even murder by maids, people are looking to hire full time maids from agencies today. This is because these agencies often scrutinize the maids before they hire them. This way, you are able to rest easy because the maid you will get from the agency is a good one. In addition, the agency will also be liable for any theft and damages that the maid will cause in your home.

2. Skillset
When you want to hire a maid to take care of your baby or an elderly person, it is important to consider the skills and qualifications that she has. Before you hire the maid, first interview her. This is the only chance you will get to know whether she is what you want or not. During the interview, in order to know how well she can handle different issues, bring different situations and let her explain what she would do if they were to happen. The responses she gives will help enlighten you on the skills she has and experience in taking care of the elderly and children. During the interview, you can also tell her what you expect her to do when she gets the job so that you she can tell you what she is good at and what she is not good at.

3. Working experience

In addition to skills, it is also very important to consider her working experience. The maids that have many years of experience in taking care of the elderly will often cost more. However, with these maids, there is no training required and you are sure that they are the best at the job. The maids that have very few years of experience and those without any experience at all, the cost will definitely be cheaper. However, with these maids, you will require a lot of time and patience to train them to do their job effectively. However when you find a maid that has been fired by several agencies over a short period of time, then this is a cause for alarm. Before you consider hiring her, ensure you fully understand the reason why she was fired that many times.

4. Can she interact well with the elderly?
When you are choosing a maid for the elderly, it is also very important to consider how she interacts with elderly people. Some of the tips to look out for to know whether she will interact well with them include how fluent she is in mother tongue. Many elderly people love and are more comfortable speaking in mother tongue. So that the maid is socially active and accepted by the elderly, it may be helpful to find one that is fluent in other tongue. The maid should also be able to cook the food the elderly people love. If she is not from Singapore, she may require some time to learn.

5. Agree on the terms of employment
Different maids will settle for different terms of payment. It is important to find one that is suitable for your needs. In most cases, maids often have one day off and you can negotiate with the maid so that it is either a permanent day or any day of her choosing. For example, if you visit your elderly parents every Wednesday, finding a maid that will take Wednesdays as a day off may be the best deal for you. In addition to days off, you can also agree on the free personal hours she has to herself every day and even the mobile phone usage. These are very important so that the both of you know what is expected of her on a daily basis.

6. Hold more than one interview

When you are looking for a maid to hire for the elderly, you may be tempted to pick the first maid you interview. While this may help you save time, it limits you to the endless opportunities that are out there. When you hold many interviews, you are able to get the general scope of the maids available in your area. This way, you do not have to settle on the first maid you interview and work your way through your disagreements. There are many maids out there and who knows, you might even find one that is willing to offer more services for the same work.


Hiring a maid can be a little tricky and challenging. This is because we all want to get the best maid that we can rely on to take care of our elderly parents. The guide above has some of the top tips to look out for when you are hiring a maid for the elderly. In addition she should be insured, pass a medical examination and have at least eight years of formal education. These are additional tips that can further help you out when you are sorting through your potential maids in order to find the best.